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1h 43m 2012-04-01 8 (/10)


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Spoofie - Die Wilde Weste

Spoofie: Die Wilde Weste is a movie within a movie, created to spoof the western genre... Writer/Director Remano De Beer takes a classic John Wayne western, removes the voice track and re-dubs it with Afrikaans dialogue. Creating a completely original comedy by rearranging existing scenes, inserting new footage and re-dubbing in Afrikaans. The year is 1875... Jan Wyn has been living the bachelor life on his Farm, after the recent separation from his wife Sarie Marais. But the party is soon over when his wife suddenly arrives back in Town, intending to take their only daughter Sannie, who is due home from University soon, back to Cape Town with her. Fireworks, Foul Language and Violence soon erupts..

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